Fox Logistics Quality 3rd Party Logistics Fox Logistics, Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville, Florida Fox Logistics Quality 3rd Party Logistics

Jacksonville, Florida Fox Logistics Quality 3rd Party Logistics

Fox Logistics
We have been providing quality 3rd party logistics services to corporations since 1991. Our team is committed to delivering exceptional, flexible and timely logistics solutions. Fox Logistics promises to always strive for innovation and responsiveness.

Enhanced freight and load planning creates opportunities to improve supply chain performance and reduce overall costs. We provide transportation management utilizing all types of equipment, van trailers, refrigerated, flatbed, step-deck and more specialized heavy equipment trailers. Our success has been based on a consistent commitment to provide our customers with quality transportation and distribution solutions.

Who is Fox Logistics?
Fox Logistics is a 3rd-party logistics provider specializing in, but not limited to, the retail apparel industry.  We work with vendors such as Nike, Adidas, and Columbia Sportswear, as well as many other less recognizable brands.    
What are our values?
1. Exceed Expectations Through Service
2. Embrace, Drive, and Adapt to Change
3. Pursue Growth and Learning
4. Build Open and Honest Relationships with Communication.
5. Be Positive and Team- Oriented.
What is our mission?
Our Mission is to become the #1 logistics provider in the retail apparel industry. 

What is our vision?
Our Vision is to be the most customer-focused logistics provider on the planet.  Our goal is to create the most enjoyable and care-free customer experience possible through excellent service and communication.

How are we different?
At Fox Logistics, we don't believe that automation is the key to success. Our success lies in attention to detail, with highly skilled professionals supervising each stage of the logistics process.  We thoroughly qualify carriers, checking insurance policies for cargo exclusions and abandonment policies, always keeping our customers' interests in mind. 

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